Our Clients

KPM works with future friendly organizations that demonstrate the same regard for long-term audience relationships. Many of our clients are truly embracing social media – or specific social channels – for the first time and seeking to create a community around their unique offering. Others see gaps in their existing communication strategies and are reaching out for a finite tune-up or creative campaign that can deliver a more interactive and memorable experience for the staff, clients, donors or customers they engage with.

While we’re delighted to meet with anyone and everyone, we strive to be finicky about the companies we collaborate with. It’s not that we aren’t full of love, but rather that we hold our clients to the same high standard we hold ourselves.  We also choose to work only with companies that we personally believe in because we don’t feel we could provide the most effective marketing guidance otherwise.

What is “future friendly”?

Organizations dedicated to improving the world and building a better future are those we consider “future friendly.” Some organizations do this through their financial models with built-in giving, while others embrace it in their manufacturing by pursuing fair trade and humane production. Others still function entirely on the premise of doing good in the world (think: nonprofits and certain public entities). Finally, some offerings are inherently beneficial in that they’re a step toward creating happier, healthier lifestyles for all. KPM knows that these organizations think and act differently than the rest of the world, and is dedicated to supporting them exclusively because we think that way, too.